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ANATA also becomes a brave! 【Dedicated to fighting men · women】 4000 yen (tax included) course !!

4000 yen

Tax-included price

  • 4persons
All-you-can-drink available

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New course to eat healthy and rejuvenate!

Course menu

Apprentice brave ... 【fried pumpkin meat miso paste】

A brave chased ... [homemade fried fried]

Saving the six worlds ... 【6 kinds of Genkaikind】

One brave man ... [Using herbal mackerel!

Fashionable brave ... [Garlic toast]

A true brave ... 【hand thick rice crown】

A famous Brave man ... 【Older Cooking with Charge Tea】

Charismatic brave ... 【Akuta tofu cheese iron plate】

Great brave ... ... 【tempura with vegetables and 2 kinds of vegetables】

Those who rescued all the world ... 【Trout Salt Soup】

The legendary brave man ... cold shabu bukkake Godjima udon

2018/05/22 update