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【Eat Meat !! Corporate Warrior Course】 90 minutes with all you can drink 4500 yen Mitake good evening with drinking ♪ ♪

4500 yen

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  • 4persons
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A meat course devoted to you who works in a company !! Let's eat a meat completely and work hard ♪ ♪

Course menu

※ 90 minutes course with drink all you can!

◆ Pork Shabu-shabu Meat Cobb Salad

◆ Earth Dorimine Stab

◆ thick fried meat miso sauce

◆ Wagyu Bee Tataki

◆ Wagyu Beef roasted barbecue iron plate

◆ Mash potatoes with meat and potatoes

◆ Tritan or big fried chicken fried deep-fried

Sagari steak

◆ Garlic earthen pot dish

2018/05/22 update